Secure Internet access

SurfSecure provides URL-filtering, manages employees’ access to websites, applications and messengers. It checks downloaded files for viruses, limits file download by predefined parameters. Due to the embedded load balancing feature the solution is capable of maintaining stable network operation for 10,000 or even more simultaneous users.

 SurfSecure – is a Russian solution ensuring a secure access to the Internet for corporate clients.


• Real time processing of queries
• SSL-traffic scanning
• Web-query classification by 100 + categories
• 500 million URL-addresses in the database. Address database daily updates

Built-in Load Balancing
• Dynamic distribution of web-traffic between two or more SurfSecure devices
• Support of various balancing methods used by VRRP
• Network stable performance with 10,000 and more simultaneous connections

Application Identification and Blocking
Identification and blocking of P2P, VoIP applications, receipt and transmission of audio and video steaming, on-line games

Caching Query Results
• Traffic caching
• Traffic caching algorithms configuration
• Option to ban caching resources of a certain kind

Integration With Third Party Solutions
• ICAP support of web-traffic transmission to external systems (DLP, Sandbox, etc.)
• Syslog support. Export of SurfSecure logs to external syslog servers

Access Policy Management
• Three level management mechanism: access rules configuration for an entity as a whole, for certain separate groups, individual users
• Scheduled rule configuration
• Setting up of rule execution conditions and order

Protection Against Malicious Code
• Embedded Kaspersky Lab antivirus SW
• Antivirus configuration editing: frequency of database updates, types of files to be checked, conditions for scanning files for viruses

Integration with Active Directory
• SurfSecure can be integrated with Active Directory for the purposes of user authentication and authorization
• Support of the Kerberos, Basic and NTLM authentication modes

File Download Management
• Setting up downloaded file size and type restrictions
• Option to set quotas for groups, users or global quotas

System Management
• Attendance reporting
• SW, antivirus, category base automatic/manual updating
• Backing up and restoring configuration files
• Static routing configuration

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