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Skybox Security

Skybox Security

Skybox Security offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to provide network security, analytics and reporting. The Skybox platform unites data of firewalls and network devices with the information on vulnerabilities and threats focusing on security issues with due regard to the customer’s unique environment. Powerful attack vector analytics reduces the response time and mitigates risks providing control over firewalls, vulnerabilities and threats in complex networks.

The solution is much in demand of both IT and data security services of various industries due to the synergy of Firewall Management and Vulnerability Control features within one platform


Skybox Firewall Assurance (FA) is designed to manage firewall operation. It gains visibility into all firewalls from one window, performs their continuous policy compliance monitoring, streamlines FW rules, identifies shaded and rarely used rules and objects. It is also capable to recognize a most complete list of FW vendors.


Skybox Change Manager (CM) is a supplemental application leveraging the Firewall Assurance module capabilities. It is responsible for control and automation of the configuration change process from change request registration to its completion, assuring full compliance with the established network access policy, and making it possible to verify, at an early stage, scheduled changes and their impact on the data security policies and route availability. 


Skybox Network Assurance (NA) is designed to manage network assets through building a live network model. It allows you to make a copy of the network for further in-depth analysis and/or to verify scheduled changes without disrupting network services, check up the network assets for compliance with the security policies and standards.


Skybox Vulnerability Control (VC) is designed to manage vulnerabilities. It is a substitute for a security scanner leveraging its capabilities by collecting and uniting data from all scanners, information on weak points and threat sources, correlating vulnerability data with the network visibility map which makes it possible to visualize potential attack vectors. One of VC’s very important features is a embedded vulnerability prioritization tools.


Skybox Research Lab, a research laboratory of Skybox, is a driving force of threat oriented vulnerability analysis. Skybox Research Lab finds and identifies dozens of thousands of vulnerabilities in more than 8,000 products.